Journal of Social Research




Journal of Social Research. 2016. No 1.




Iliassov F.N. Group and group behavior. P. 1–20. pdf logo PDF (rus)

So far, in sociology there is no accepted concept of group and group behavior that hinders the development of science. The article gives a conceptual description of the phenomenon of groups and group behavior on the basis of the resource approach. The author proposes a behavioral criterion for determining group behavior for an operational definition of the group. Group behavior is described as a concerted action of individuals, aimed at preserving and increasing the total resources. The real group – a set of persons carrying out coordinated actions aimed at preserving and increasing the total resources. It is shown that any group ideology is the concept of resource allocation. In the framework of the developed approach, the author gives a definition group attitude, patriotism of group, the dominance of the group, pride, love. The dominance of the group is defined as a property of the group to increase its quantity and controlled sphere (including the territory), while the willingness of members of the Group to victims for the sake of increasing the overall resources of the community. It is proposed and illustrated an empirical model measurement of realization of resource ideologies and ideas of social convergence..


Shapiro M. H. About some myths in sociology. P. 21-30. PDF(rus)

The paper attempts to analyze the validity of the use of the term "qualitative research" and the validity of such measuring instruments as the semantic differential method, the method of paired comparisons. We show the not validity of the use of the concepts of "qualitative research" and "qualitative methods". The analysis leads to the conclusion about the absence of the validity in the method of semantic differential and low validity of the method of paired comparisons.


Iliassova S.F. Fashion as a form of group behavior. P. 31-41. PDF (rus)

Fashion is understood as a group norm prescribing the consumption of certain goods. Fashionable behavior is defined as an active consumer behavior. It describes the qualitative changes have occurred in the phenomenon of fashion in the last 15-20 years. Describes the basic mechanisms of creating a fashion norm. The author proves the thesis about the dominant influence of emotions in the functioning of the phenomenon of fashion. It describes the main factors of differentiation fashion groups. Discusses the phenomenon of the length of fashion trends.


Voronov V.V. Labor and truth as the basis of civilizational development of Russia. P. 42-49. PDF(rus)

This paper examines the philosophical and sociological concept of truth, its existential base – labor to ensure the life and development. Although in modern Russia communism was ousted from the scientific and social sphere into the sphere of people's search for truth, the conclusions approved by the vitality of his truth and the realization of communism in the future..


Iliassov F.N. Genital symbols in advertising. P. 59-60. PDF (rus) 

The article describes the relationship between the types of genital symbols and previously dominant social order. Fig is a vaginal symbol and typical for matriarchal culture. Fuck-finger (in Russian – «kur») is a penis symbol and typical for patriarchal culture. It describes the symbolism and semantics of genital symbols. The author analyzes the experience of using genital symbols in political and commercial advertising.

Keywords: fig, Fuck-finger, vaginal symbol, penis symbol, advertising