Journal of Social Research




Journal of Social Research. 2016. No 2.




Iliassov F.N. Social time - experience interpretation. P. 1–12. pdf logo PDF (rus)

In the psyche of mixed two different understanding of time: 1. Time as a measure, the standard of duration, 2. Time as a measure of the object changes, «own time of the object». The article gives an interpretation of these concepts, described their ratio. Own time of an object indicates which part of its potential of existence, the object spent at the time of observation. It describes the understanding of social time as the duration of the Social Action and as the own time of a specific subject - group. Discusses the mythology of the phenomenon of time, the idea of "acceleration of history", the possibility of "time travel".

Plotnikova O. A. The crisis of national self-identification in modern Russia. P. 13-18. pdf logo PDF (rus)

The article discusses the problem of the crisis of national identity. The author reveals the background of the crisis of identity in Russia and analyzes the state of the problem in modern Russian society. The Foundation for the formation of national identity is, in the author's opinion, historical consciousness, based on historical memory. Destruction of great-power traditions, ideas and myths, and then Soviet system of values, where the key moment was the idea of the state as the highest social value, plunged the Russian society into a deep social crisis, as a result, the loss of national identity, patriotism, national and socio-cultural identity of citizens. The article shows that the crisis of social identity is a psychosocial syndrome.


Andreeva L. A. Afro-christian and afro-islamic civilizational identity in sub-saharan africa. P. 19-31. pdf logo PDF (rus)

The folding of the two types of civilizational identity in the countries of Sub-Saharan Africa i.e. Afro-Christian and Afro-Islamic identities is considered in the article. Changes in the religious landscape of the 20th and 21 th centuries, features of adherents' of Islam and Christianity religiousness , and the problem of the religious conflicts are analyzed.


Perednya D. G. The image of the police officers in the newspapers and the mass consciousness of Russians. P. 32-42. pdf logo PDF (rus)

The article describes the results of content analysis of publications eleven leading Russian newspapers, covering the work of the police - the heads of district, regional and federal levels. Presents positive and negative characteristics of the image of the leaders used in the publications listed their quantitative characteristics and proportions. The results of content analysis are compared with the results of mass poll, measuring confidence in the police, conducted after the publication of most of the articles analyzed. In newspaper articles is almost ten times more negative characteristics of the police, rather than the positive. Mass survey showed that police in one way or another trusted by over half of the respondents.


Shapiro M. H. Charisma - operationalization of the concept and measurement. P. 43-48. pdf logo PDF (rus)

The article presents the operational definition and measurement indicators Charisma proposed FN Iliassov. Charisma - the human qualities that allow him to manage other people, that is, to act in a desired manner on their mood and behavior. Empirical indicators are Charisma: 1. personal attractiveness, ability to elicit sympathy; 2. dominance, strong leadership skills. Based on the above understanding of the charism described the experience of measuring it by the example of electoral poll.


Iliassov F.N. The inverse problem of sampling and motivation in the forex market. С. 49-59. pdf logo PDF (rus)

The paper describes an example of the reconstruction of the general sample by sampling. Describes the results of a study of motives of participation in the Forex market.


Ivanov R. V. BOOK REVIEW: Polyushkevich O.A. Socio-cultural solidarity in a transformed society: monograph. Irkutsk: Publishing house of Irkutsk State University, 2014. 168 p. pdf logo PDF (rus)