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Journal of Social Research. 2016. No 3.




Iliassov F. N. Gender as Identity – the Interpretation and measurement. P. 1-14. pdf logo PDF (rus)

This article describes the different approaches to the understanding and measurement of gender. Compares such branches of sociology as the sociology of sex and sociology of gender. It describes two possible approaches to the understanding of gender - as a type of resource behavior and as self-identification. Proposed the technique of measuring the gender as the self-identification the male and female types on such indicators as: a) thinking, b) displays of emotion, c) behavior. It describes the results of a pilot survey conducted for testing the proposed understanding and measurement of gender.



Lyudmila Petrovna Fedorenko. Distance from the nation's capital and normativity of behavior. P. 15-23. Download PDF

The author offers the comparative analysis of a way of life and valuable orientations of children from the Ryazan region and Mordovia. Sociological research among the children of the Ryazan region and Mordovia who were spending vacation at the children's recreation camp "Friendship" of the settlement Lower to Makopsa of the city of Sochi in September, 2014 became empirical base of article. During research the hypothesis that children from the presented regions differ with a way of life and valuable orientations is checked. The hypothesis was confirmed partially: showing unity of valuable orientations, regions differ with a set of the actions characterizing a way of life. Mordovia is more sports, less aggressive and to a lesser extent "the Ryazan region is attached to the computer", than. The analysis of these distinctions allowed to assume that remoteness of the region from the center promotes formation at children more a healthy lifestyle.



Daria Andreevna Sokolova. Socio-psychological characteristics of community of ethnic Koreans Primorsky Krai. P. 24-37. Download PDF

The Korean community is one of the important element of ethno-political, social, economic and cultural system of the modern Primorsky Territory. Until now, are not described the basic socio-cultural characteristics of the community. The first time community of ethnic Koreans Primorsky Territory, is the object of socio-cultural study. Studies of socio-psychological characteristics of the Korean community representatives doing in order to better understand the features of this community as a stable social group in a modern multicultural space of the Primorsky Territory. The empirical base of the research were the results of a survey of ethnic Koreans of Primorsky Krai. The ethnic Korean community’s is characterised by monochronism, culture of high context, high level of uncertainty avoidance, collectivism and dominate of feminine culture.



Iliassov Farkhad Nazipovich. Motivation and activity of football fans. P. 38-52. Download PDF

The article deals with the specifics of the sociology of sport, especially the behavior of athletes and fans. Provides information about the share of football fans and fans of other sports. Analyzed data on the frequency of visiting football fans the stadium and the frequency of viewing the matches on television. We consider the motives of visiting stadium by fans. Describes allocated by fans the main attractive features of football teams. We consider the level of anxiety, aggressiveness of football fans and other fans.



Irina Andreevna Grigor'eva. Book Review:

Yarskaya V. N. Kaleidoskop vremeni. Sledy biografii. [Kaleidoscope of time. Traces of biography]. Moscow: OOO «Variant» 2015. – 240 p. (In Russ) Download PDF



Mark Henry Shapiro. The method of measuring the compatibility of image of objects. P. 61-67.

In the practice of the sociology of consumer behavior and marketing there is a problem of compatibility of objects designed to create a single image, «family brand». The article describes the method of measurement of image compatibility, developed on the basis of method of controlled associations. An illustrative example describing the results of measurement of image compatibility and reliability of this method.




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